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3 Tips for Enjoying a Water sports Holiday

Anyone who loves to swim back at home will enjoy a water sports holiday. To relax while on holiday is not necessarily about finding the perfect beach and then lying there at every opportunity for a fortnight but also about experiencing enjoyable activities. The thing about water sports is that there are so many different types that are possible and all involve water. That is whether the water is in paradise on in less warm climates.

So, with our heart now set on water sports such as water skiing, tubing, snorkelling, windsurfing, and surfing, let us think about some tips that will allow us to best enjoy them.


The location that you choose for your water sports can make all the difference to how much you enjoy them. For instance, snorkelling in the Caribbean will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the colourful tropical fish and coral reefs through the clear waters. Alternatively, you can enjoy the same through a glass-bottomed boat. It is one time that you will want to experience less speed, but instead, enjoy the view below.

The difference between water skiing and tubing is that with the first one you are more in control. However, for the less experienced getting used to water sports, being in a tub and pulled by a boat might appeal more.

Windsurfing on the water is a popular activity and one where you just need a good stretch of water to do it. This provides more flexibility on location. You could also try kite surfing in Portugal (learn more on Kitecontrol) or elsewhere.

Surfing is considered the most fun of all the water sports and relies very much on the suitability of the waves and surf. For the highest waves, you will want to surf the area of Pipeline in Oahu, Hawaii. You have to be a very competent surfer to surf here, though. It is the dream of many a surfer and the reason they go all around the world developing their surfing skills. If you’re a novice in surfing, you might want to take some lessons (check before you hit the waves. The location is where surfing was developed. The waves here can scale 6 m. This is over the shallow base of the razor-blade table reef. So, check out the different surfing resorts, that will range from being suitable for beginners, to serving the needs and desires of professional surfers.

What Not to Do Around Water

When planning to take part in water sports, know what you shouldn’t do around water, whatever activity it is that you are attempting and wherever in the world it is.

So the first tip is that you should not just know how to swim but be a strong swimmer, despite having a lifejacket provided for many activities. Secondly, you should not think of swimming alone and also know how to perform CPR and water rescue techniques for the sake of others in your group and around you. Thirdly, you should not mix drinking alcohol with swimming or water sports, which might be more of a temptation when you are on holiday. It is advisable also to make sure that there is a lifeguard around looking out for holidaymakers. More advanced water sports should, however, come with instructors present. Now, having thought about all of these and ticked each box, we can relax and enjoy our water sports knowing that we have taken every precaution.

Have the Right Equipment

Generally, you will be able to hire the equipment that you need for water sports at the resort that is offering them. This saves you packing lots of equipment. Also, it will have been tested for safety and purpose by the professional instructors. However, we can get attached to perhaps a pair of goggles, for example. So, it is worth seeing what is out there to help you enjoy your water sports more, perhaps in the comfort of clothing and accessories that you are familiar with. Plus, not everywhere will have specialist equipment so if, for example, you were going to bring your dog onto the water with you, you may need to buy a couple of Dog Life Vests so that your four-legged friend will be safe and stay afloat if they go for a swim.

Wearing polarized sunglasses for water sports is a good idea to protect your eyes from the sun and whatever happens on the water, as well as to avoid glare so that you have better vision. It is not just about seeing where you are going but being able to better admire what is in the water around you in terms of nature.

Other than what they wear, professionals and amateurs alike will often want to use a surfboard they own and have become familiar with. It will be about the performance that it provides them with. With this in mind, there are five main types of surfboards to consider if wanting to buy yours to become used to it. There are fish boards, guns, funboards, longboards, and shortboards. They have their pros and cons, so it is worth checking them out carefully.

So, to thoroughly enjoy a water sports holiday we will want to give serious thought to its location. Do we simply want to enjoy the water or also the view of what is swimming or residing underneath its surface? Also, we should know how to respect the water so that we can take care of safety issues for peace of mind, Finally, we should consider whether to buy clothing and equipment, although we can usually hire the items needed. It is wise to check on what you might need before you travel.

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