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Best Places in Florida for Solo Travelers

Traveling is one of the best ways to enjoy and see the beauty of life. Of course, traveling with our loved ones could make our adventure special, but for me, traveling alone is more special. It is more adventurous and exciting, too. It is like exploring and creating life, finding happiness and serenity, especially when life gets tough and we want to refresh our minds.

Many travelers rent or travel by their own vehicle. Travel vloggers even invest in new vehicles after they research the finances (or get car invoice prices). Travel and tourism have become so huge that every place has its own specialty. Florida is one of the best tourist attractions to explore this 2021.

Its beaches, clubs, parks, and museums provide a complete package for anyone traveling solo or with the entire family including kids. Looking at a complete Guide to the state of florida could be one of the best ways to explore this place, to ensure all the happening locations are covered. On that note, the following is a list of must-visit places in Florida for solo travelers, that can act as a complete guide:

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are filled with scattered beaches, beautiful and luxurious resorts, wildlife, and plenty of watersports such as fishing, swimming with the dolphins, diving, and snorkeling that adventure-seekers would love to join. For those who want some relaxation, sightseeing is also on the list. It would be peaceful watching the sunset while having a cold drink in a park. It would also be great to visit art galleries and museums and appreciate their beauty and history. Of course, we shouldn’t miss entering souvenir shops, unless we are prepared to face the consequences once we get back home. So, whether we travel alone to indulge in adventurous activities or just to have some peace of mind and rest, Florida Keys would be the best destination we could visit.


Everyone would love to visit the theme park capital of the world, Orlando, where the Walt Disney World Resort is located. Don’t miss taking photos of the princesses in this magical city! But, Orlando is not only proud because of its Walt Disney World Resort, but there are also lots of things to do there, such as admiring the sunset at Grande Lakes, trying out the thrilling water slide in Aquatica Water Park, watching the dancing black swans at Lake Eopa Park, swimming with dolphins at Discovery Cove, and more.


Beaches will always be on the top of the bucket list. Therefore, who wouldn’t want to visit a place with award-winning beaches? With its turquoise water and white sand, I would love to set foot in Pensacola. Every solo traveler’s dream is to just sit on the seashore while watching and listening to the mellow sound of the sea and feeling the cool breeze as it soothes through the skin. There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting by the sea.

Pensacola may be known for its beaches, but it doesn’t stop there, it is also a place for great historic buildings and impressive museums such as the Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum that is a favorite destination for those who want to see some local perspective or climb at the top to burn calories; the Historic Pensacola Village that features a church, historic homes and cultural centers; the National Naval Museum that features a hundred or more restored historic aircraft; the Pensacola Museum Art, and more. Thus, Pensacola is also recommended destination for travelers who are interested in arts and history.

Clearwater Beach

The heart of the attraction here is Clearwater Beach. As its name tells us, this tourist destination has crystal clear water, making it an excellent place to unwind. But, no matter how fun and enjoyable the daytime brings, never forget to catch the beauty of the sunset at Pier60. Throughout the evening, there will also be some performers that would complete the day.

Though Clearwater Beach is the leading destination here, Clearwater has much more to offer, from its famous local restaurants, bars, brews, and hotel options, to its music festivals.


Gainesville, though a college town, is a one-of-a-kind place to visit. It offers hiking while watching wildlife such as alligators and birds, biking, and diving into a beautiful freshwater spring.

The Museum of Natural History is also a must-visit destination where a lot of live butterflies can be found. They also have many other exhibits and a Discovery Room for anyone who wants to know about Florida’s habitat. For a plant-lover, Kanapaha Botanical Gardens is a recommendable destination. It is the best place to find peace while appreciating the beauty of nature at the same time.

Beaches, parks, gardens, museums, and other scenic attractions? Florida has them all, making it a tourist attraction you cannot afford to miss.