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Idyllic Vacation in Florida

Beautiful beaches and warm waters are what draws me to Florida. Besides the amusement parks, the family-friendly necessities such as shallow waters and gentle waves provide alternative fun to experience. Hotels like the Coral Gables Miami Luxury Resort are often located close to a beach too!

The Best Beaches in Florida

Although Florida has an array of stunning beaches lining the entire coastline of the Gulf of Mexico, there are spectacular ones that I must visit. The following is my list for the spots to visit.

Grayton Beach State Park: Known for its clear and emerald green water, a trip to this mile-long beach will lead to white sands, swimming and sunbathing. Other activities that I’ll undertake here include kayaking and canoeing, as well as birding and hiking.

Venice Municipal Beach: From concession stands for snacks and a picnic area to boardwalks and volleyball courts, Venice Municipal Beach offers everything. As I move around, I’ll comb the sand for the shark teeth, but for a varied adventure, I’ll head to the Venice Area Audubon Rookery for birding.

Clam Pass County Park: This spot runs across coastal dunes and mangrove forest. A concession here will offer me food and drinks besides beach equipment rentals such as kayaks. The free tram will make it easier for me to move around.

Crescent Beach: A stop at this quiet public beach is a must. It stands out due to its stunning blue waters and gorgeous, white sands. Here, I look forward to exploring its rich marine life and coral formations, as well as diving and snorkeling.

Clearwater Beach: It boasts an excellent setting for a game of paddleball or volleyball, and I will stop here and explore its flat terrain and lovely sand. My kids will certainly enjoy sunbathing. Later in the evening, I will join the locals and other guests at Pier 60 to catch the beautiful sunset.

Things I’ll Do During My Beach Vacation in Florida

Florida is beaming with lots of activities under the sun. The following things will top my to-do list.

Treasure Hunting: I look forward to digging buried treasure in the shipwrecks that sunk along the gulf coast in the years gone by. By visiting Wabasso Beach, I might be lucky to go home with jewels.

Biking: The best opportunity to see the sights and get closer to nature will be by pedaling down the beaches. Slower speed limits, crosswalks and bicycle lanes provide family-friendly avenues to bike in Cedar Key and South Beach and Sanibel Island, Miami. So, it could be a good idea to hire a bicycle from Peddling Pelican Cruiser ( and similar rental companies.

Paddle Boarding: I love Florida due to its scenic waterways suitable for paddle boarding. I can paddleboard through coastal dune lakes and mangroves as I marvel at the native flora and fauna. My favorite paddle boarding destinations include St. Petersburg, Santa Rosa Beach and Destin.

Fishing: The best thing with Florida is that I can fish from the shores of any public beach. Armed with poles and cast nests, I will put my abilities to test. A stop at the Mosquito Lagoon will be a sure way to winch up red and black drum, Snook or speckled trout.

Parks: The parks in Florida offer a wide range of marine environments such as barrier islands, lagoons, mangrove and swamps. I’ll make a stop at the Big Cypress National Preserve to witness as sharks give birth, and encounter wading birds and manatees.

Who knows, if this vacation actually turns me to consider moving places, I might even look at real estate prospects here and move to the land of sand and waves- Florida! Pretty sure I will need assistance from professional companies like Prestige Realty of Florida who would be able to better guide me. But for now, that is a distant thought, and all will depend on my experience here! Sigh! Moving on…

What I’ll Pack for My Beach Vacation in Florida

Although Florida is a magnificent holiday destination, I can only make the most of it if I have some essentials in my suitcase. Here is my packing list

Footwear: to comfortably stroll on the beach, I’ll bring a pair of open-toed sandals. Also in my suitcase will be light sneakers to wander through the streets, and flip-flops for relaxing by the poolside or balcony of my rental.

Clothing: I’ll pack casual attire such T-shirts and short-sleeved shirts, as well as a few pairs of versatile jeans and shorts. Some formal wear will be ideal when I venture out to some fancy hotels for dinner. Of course, I’ll need to make sure that I am fully ready for the warm weather, so I may even book myself in for something like this Semper Laser Hair Removal Treatment before I go so that I don’t have to worry about shaving while I’m on holiday and can be confident when I’m on the beach.

Protection from the Elements: Should my trip come in late spring or fall, I will arm myself with an umbrella as it is usually rainy. To maneuver air-conditioned spaces a jacket or light cardigan will come in handy.

Tech Gadgets: To document my adventure, I’ll carry a good camera to capture great snapshots.