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Renting Holiday Autos – Little Known Hacks You Should Know

Renting a vehicle for a holiday has been easier now that booking is only a few steps on our website. We simplify the booking process with a comparison tool where our clients search thousands of car rentals from different locations. We only deal with trustworthy suppliers and we can help you land a better deal. A motor trader in any area must make sure that their policies are consistently updated and that they have checked out a motor trade insurance online quote to keep themselves always ready for renters and comply with the law. If you are planning a vacation, there are some car rental tricks we would like you to know before booking a holiday auto.

Consider a booster seat

Many times, we rent out vehicles to families with children under 12 years of age. A car seat for kids is mandatory in some states, as stipulated by the traffic authorities. Often, the seat belt hardly fits children in the right way. Whether traveling abroad or locally, we advise our clients to bring their car seats to avoid extra charges. Sometimes the car seats for booking may be limited, and there is a safety concern when it comes to borrowing through a rental company. Hence, the renters can get their own car seat booster to ensure the child’s safety. They can look into service websites similar to or if they are already at their holiday destination, they could visit a local market. It is the responsibility of parents to keep their kids safe while traveling.

Rental insurance may not be necessary

Car hire services are covered by most insurance companies. Moreover, credit card companies provide rental insurance, which acts as secondary coverage. In case of a claim, the credit card company covers what the insurance provider leaves out. But we have served people who do not have credit cards with car rentals that are not insured. In this case, we help them register for rental insurance.

Comparison tools can save a budget

Just like shopping, looking for a good holiday car needs some scrutiny. Our dealers do not give the same rate. Their incentives for new and regular customers differ as well. Allow us to help you plan through our comparison tool. This is a platform where prices for car hire are displayed online. By comparing different rentals side by side, it is easier to choose what suits best a family.

Understanding the rules for hiring cars abroad

Hiring a holiday car abroad can be daunting. Normally, the rental companies will be listed at the destination airport. When reserving a car, the providers may ask for an international driving permit (IDP). The permit is not needed in most English speaking states. If needed, you have to obtain it before leaving your country.

Booking at the airport can be expensive

It may sound convenient but booking a holiday car at the airport comes with extra fees. They are often regarded as customer facility fees or concession recovery charges. It would be best to book through the hotel to skip this expense. The good thing about hotel packages is that they provide transport to and from the holiday destination.


Many reward programs come up during a festive season. Coupons and discounts reward families and solo travelers for using our rental service or staying at a particular resort. Many of these perks are free to register and they come with extra drivers and car seats. What’s more, clients earn points that are redeemable in the future. We reward regular renters with vehicle upgrades and executive pick-ups. Check from our site more ways you can save with our rental services including unlimited mileages and discounts.

Escape hidden fees

Some car hire services may charge extra fees for refilling when the car returns with less fuel. Renters should beware of this and note down the gas gauge when booking so they can return the vehicle with the same fuel level. In our rental company, you can avoid this hassle with our pre-purchase option whereby you get a full tank when picking the car. Then you can return the vehicle at whichever fuel level. Perhaps you book a holiday car for a whole week but something comes up before 7 days end. You should not hesitate to call us to make adjustments. In case you return a few hours earlier, we won’t charge you an extra penny.

Holiday car hire should never be complicated. We only need a client to tell us their location so we can choose the best deals depending on their needs. Our online search tool can match any holiday requirement and displays the results in a straightforward platform. We are also committed to helping customers with second drivers, cancellation insurance, GPS, and so on. Booking in advance may guarantee the lowest rates.