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Sand, Sea, and Seasonal Fun

The advantage of a holiday is that you can have fun whether you are in season or out of it. You can be experiencing a different season to that in your own country. A holiday can coincide with a festival that is happening in another country because it is in their season, which can add to your holiday experience. So, it is always worth finding out what is happening in a place during the time that you are planning to go there. It might, after all, influence where you do go.

So, we shall now explore some places where you can enjoy the sand and the sea, and if you time it right, some other lively activities too, where the locals and tourists come together in harmony.

Surfest, Australia

Annually, around March, a world-renowned beach festival takes place in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. The event will attract the world’s top surfers. It is considered the largest festival in the Northern Hemisphere because it attracts participants from more than 700 countries. Whatever their season is, they can experience Australia’s seasonal surfing event. You can too. If you want to see as much of Australia as you can do, then you may want to check out places to visit victoria to see what else is out there during multiple seasons so you are filling your days up with fun and sun.

The Boardmasters, England

With it being the summer season in the UK, the Boardmasters beach festivals usually take place in August. It does not matter what your season is, you can often experience English weather during its warmest at this time. This is another event that will attract professional surfers, and also skateboarders, to Fistral Beach in Cornwall, England.

As well as the boarding, on and off the water, music acts will perform live on stage over this four-day event. It is the place to be for a young generation of surfers who love listening to music too. The atmosphere is amazing to soak up.

Hawaii Food and Wine Festival

Determined that this article is not to be solely about surfing, we now move on to something to satisfy the palate and the taste buds. There is the Food and Wine Festival that takes place in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, in October.

By attending this event, you are supporting the farmers, fishermen, and ranchers of Hawaii. The event, held over three weekends, involves over a hundred international chefs and food experts. So, something of a culinary delight.

Well, seafood can also help elevate your fun with your partner after the day’s exhaustion. Foods like oysters, shrimp, caviar, etc. act as natural aphrodisiacs. If you want to try it out yourself, you might want to order from Oysters XO or similar other websites.

Cannes Film Festival

For another festival at a beach resort, how about the Cannes Film Festival? You can have fun while having unlimited access to movies and drinks. You will also be in the right place to gain many sightings of celebrities. The movie screening will be on wide screens that are situated on the beach. It is hard to think of a more diverse way of experiencing movies, and it is surely a must-attend festival for every movie fan out there.

Spanish Beach Festivals

Music lovers the world over will flock to Barcelona’s Beach Festival. It is a place where those into music and dance have an opportunity to combine the two. The five-day celebration comes with the aforementioned and plenty of Portuguese food to enjoy.

More Beach Festivals

If you revel in beach festivals, then they happen in many other parts of the world too. So, here is a list of some more:

  • Beyond The Valley (Australia) – Offering international music, plenty of beer, cocktails, and Australian food.
  • Cavendish Beach Music Festival (Canada) – A three-day Country music experience.
  • Gnaoua Festival (Morocco) – Groove to African beats and reggae, and marvel at the acrobatic dancing.
  • Sziget (Hungary) – An 8-day festival, no less, that includes sky-bars, heated spring baths, and theatre shows. Oh, and you have the backdrop of the River Danube!
  • Soul Beach Music Festival (Aruba) – A five-day carnival of music culture relating to the Caribbean.

So, there are lots of festivals around the world for surfers, music lovers, and dancers, to experience. Just do not use up all of your energy deciding which one!

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