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The Beaches that have White Sands, and the Mountains that have White Snow

When we go on holiday, we usually have one thing on our mind. That will either be that we intend to relax and do as little as possible or the complete opposite and want to experience a range of activities that we might not get the opportunity to enjoy back at home. This might be because we are nowhere near water or lack the mountain covered in snow.

So, let us venture into the possible.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean, which is home to calm and clear turquoise waters, has an amazing array of water sports to enjoy. They are all-inclusive and controlled by professional staff in an idyllic location to enjoy them. This is whether you desire to fly across the water by motor, wind, or muscle power.

There is nothing like the feeling of being inside a tube and tethered behind a powerboat as you are pulled across the crystal-clear waters. Aqua trikes are a fascinating invention and like cycling on water. They are built for two and so might be a romantic way of getting to know each other. Then, of course, there is snorkeling, which allows you to experience exotic fish and coral reefs. The clear water helps with visibility. There is a whole world under the sea to be explored in the Caribbean.

A glass-bottomed boat will allow you to gain a different perspective from snorkeling. You can view the brightly coloured fish and the coral from the comfort of a boat traveling along the translucent waters. It makes for an experience that you will be talking about for years to come. But then, why continue to talk about it when you can revisit the locations and experience sea life in this way all over again.

There is a white sandy beach at Trunk Bay on St. John in US Virgin Islands, which is in the Caribbean. This has become one of the most photographed beaches in the US Virgin Islands. Its stretch of white sand is home to an underwater snorkeling trail.

Other white sandy beaches in the Caribbean include Caicos, Grace Bay, and Turks. The white sand gleams and has been described as being as soft as flour. With this, of course, comes the clear waters and shades of blue that the Caribbean is known for. Even from offshore, the coral reef glimmers for all to see. So, there is no doubt that you have relaxing views and plenty of activities to enjoy in the Caribbean. Another island in the region that may have such beaches could be jumby bay island in Antigua. Located in a secluded haven, Jumby Bay Island boasts lush landscapes, stately palm trees, and beautiful beaches.

The Most Romantic Island in the World

The love of white sandy beaches has made Bora Bora in Tahiti the most romantic island in the world. That is what it is billed as. You have the relaxation of private over-water bungalows to enjoy as well as the view of Mountain Otemanu. In addition, glistening beaches and amazing panoramas.

Bora Bora is not all about relaxation, though, because Matira Beach also plays host to a range of water sports.

So, you really can have the best of everything when you go on a beach holiday abroad.

Snowy Mountain Tops

Mountain peaks covered in snow are a beautiful sight. Then when the snow covers the rest of the mountain it becomes an opportunity to experience winter activities even if in your country it is a different season when you left by plane.

For skiing and snowboarding, a place to be recommended is Whistler Blackcomb. Combining the snow-covered terrain of two mountains, it is considered Canada’s premier ski resort and one of the largest winter sports areas of North America. Altogether there are 200 runs possible that are accessed via 37 lifts.

At Whistler Mountain and Horstman Glacier on Blackcomb, it is possible to ski all year round. So, you can visit winter whenever you want to. You may even be able to find a service like these Vail ski locker rentals that will enable you to store your skis and equipment safely away for an entire season, if you live locally and will be spending lots of time on the slopes. If you love winter sports then this will be how you can experience them at whatever time of year suits your working or family arrangements back home.

If you are looking for further thrills on the slopes, then there is Courchevel, which is part of Les 3 Vallées region and considered a must-go place for serious skiers. It is the world’s largest alpine ski domain with 600 km of interconnected ski runs. 10 summits are higher than 2,500 m.

For those into snowboarding, Mammoth Mountain in California and Mount Bachelor in Oregon are ideal resorts for snowboarders of all types and at all levels.

So, whether you prefer warm white sand or cold white snow, there will be a holiday to suit you and your family this year or next.

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