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The Best Places to go Snowboarding

The equivalent of surfing on ice has to be snowboarding. It is about finding a mountain covered in the right kind of snow and then enjoying the view while challenging yourself with the different moves.

Breckenridge (USA)

The historic town of Colorado can offer snowboarding as well as skiing. It is considered one of the most popular US destinations that snowboarders will head to. A reason for this is that the Rocky Mountains are an area that will guarantee snow along with elevation and challenging trails.

The good thing about Breckenridge is that it is suitable for all levels. It has 34 lifts for snowboarders to reach all areas.

St Anton (Austria)

If you are looking to experience some culture as well as have the opportunity to snowboard, then make your way to St Anton in Austria. It is a part of the Alberg region, which has been referred to as “the cradle of alpine skiing” by many a snowboarder. A variety of trails exist to explore and challenge yourself with. The resort offers an incredible 134 trails to select from which will mean that three is something to suit beginners, those at an intermediate level, and also challenge the more experienced snowboarders who search the world looking for the best slopes to perfect their moves.

Because of the variety on offer here, it can be considered the perfect place to have the whole family learn or experience snowboarding on the surface it was designed for.

Zermatt (Switzerland)

The vastness of the mountain range here provides the perfect backdrop for snowboarding. Indicative of its scale is the fact that there are 52 lifts here to navigate the different areas of the mountainside.

Zermatt is a wonderful place to visit because the town is free of cars and the mountain provides just the freshest air.

Whistler (Canada)

In both Whistler and Blackcomb in the British Columbian countryside, there is an impressive array of slopes featuring 200 trails and a summit that reaches 2,436 m.

You might want to venture on the slopes early in Whistler because of its popularity due to its powdery snow and awesome terrain, not to mention its ease of access. Whistler Blackcomb does have something of a reputation with snowboarders the world over.

Avoriaz (France)

This is the ultimate place to snowboard in Europe. It is part of the Portes du Soleil, to give you a more precise location. It is a convenient resort to reach and does offer plenty of decent slopes and 4 terrain parks. This creates a considerable snowboarding area to cover.

Avoriaz is the perfect place for those who like to mix trails with terrain parks. There is complete ease of access all over the resort.

Treble Cone (New Zealand)

Located in New Zealand’s countryside, Treble Cone offers a quieter resort compared to the busier European alternatives. Its winter season will be the polar opposite to that of Europe and the USA. So, you can in theory experience winter twice by visiting both in one year, when snowboarding is your passion.

The main thing to be aware of before you book this experience is that the resort is designed for the more experienced snowboarder, rather than the beginner. It has just 23 trails, compared to significantly more with the larger resorts, only 2 terrain parks, and just 3 lifts. So, it is easy to find your way around here. It is just more challenging when it comes to snowboarding.

All of these snow resorts will allow you to have lessons and to rent equipment.

So, a range of snow resort options here from all over the world, and all suitable locations for snowboarders seeking the chance to pursue their hobby or profession further. This is whether you are looking to learn and become better at snowboarding, through experiencing different locations where you can learn new tricks, or getting ready for a competition. You might, for instance, want to try a few tricks such as ollies, nollies, an indy, nose grab, 50-50, or a tail press. The snow is there, and of the powdery kind snowboarders everywhere crave.


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