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Travel Adjustment We May All Need to Make in Future Trips

The corona pandemic has hit us for the better part of the last year, leading everyone on a hitherto unknown very rough patch. The lockdowns, curfews, cessation of certain services, restrictions, and the, heaviest of them all, minimizing or avoiding any human contact. A lot of industries took the hit, and many businesses had no option but to close. However, we are recovering, and the world economy is slowly going back to how it was before the pandemic, something that is very encouraging.


Among the industries that were most affected is the travel industry. The border lockdowns, airlines grounding their planes, and restrictions on leaving or entering foreign countries have all greatly affected travel plans. And the worst part? All the stress of not being able to travel has made us want to take a vacation all the more. Most of us have spent lockdown searching for picturesque villas on beautiful beaches like you can find on the Exceptional Villas website. For us wanderlusts, we are soon going back to what we love doing most, hopefully. However, we need to take caution and protect ourselves and our loved ones. Below are a few precautions I will observe strictly when I start my travel soon that I thought of sharing.


Consider the Type of Trips to Take

Until everything is fully settled, I have decided to take trips closer to home. This way, in case of any eventualities, I will quickly get back home; for example, I won’t be restricted by lockdowns and get stranded abroad.


Another thing is traveling abroad will require advanced planning and bookings to avoid congestion and overcrowding. I have spoken to a few travel advisors, and they highly recommend prior planning for any trip I think of taking. I was told trips like African safaris shall take even longer than a year waiting for approvals in some cases; therefore, I would advise putting on hold such ideas or changing plans altogether.


Have A Travel Insurance

In the past, having travel insurance was something I did not always think about. However, this has now become essential. The insurance will cover you fully in case of a medical emergency and evacuation, cancellation of travel plans, loss, damage, or theft of luggage. However, not every insurance covers all the above as a package; therefore, I would greatly advise caution when selecting the insurance cover to use. The one I took, I carefully read the terms and conditions before I signed, and I’m happy I did because I know what I would be covered for and what I would not.


Considering the Duration of the Trip

Now accommodations like homestays, some hotels, and shared private rentals and BnBs will be a thing of the past. When traveling, I would advise going for accommodation that will have as little human contact as possible. I will now be looking for non-shared private rentals. Hotels with strict adherence to Covid-19 rules will be my number one choice. I am not a camping person, but I think this should be the most embraced type of trip; sleeping in my tent and bedding will be a great way to avoid putting myself at risk.


I will also try very much to consider my travel budget and add a few dollars to the accommodation budget because the rates have gone up and will continue going up until the economy is back on its feet worldwide.



After the pandemic, many prices seem to be skyrocketing as the world is opening up and the economy is getting back to where it was. A lot of things, for example, transportation and accommodation, are very expensive. Before making any travel bookings, I would advise carefully checking for any hidden charges. I prefer to carry more emergency funds as I travel, which will save me from getting stranded. Getting travel packages that will cover a few of the essentials during the trip is now a thing I’m willing to consider.



Travel agencies are now offering very flexible booking options, for example, allowing cancellations. The cancellation may go both ways; for instance, the agency may cancel your trip due to some planning eventualities. We are all looking to have a good time and at the same time be safe. Therefore, if there is a chance that safety might be compromised, it’s important to have an open mind and be safe. We should be flexible enough and open-minded to the point of allowing change of destination, waiting longer, or even completely canceling the trip.