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Visiting South Africa

South Africa, as the name suggests, is located in the South of Africa. It is a truly magnificent country that has a diverse culture, friendly people, and many tourist attractions. I believe that this country should be on everyone’s bucket list because of what it has to offer.


Wine Farms

If you are a person who enjoys great wine and beautiful views, the Western Cape of South Africa is an excellent place to start. This region is blessed with good weather and plenty of vineyards that attract big crowds. The wine tours that are offered by the various winemakers run all year round. They are great for individuals that are clueless about wine as well as experts. I believe that you could learn a trick or two on wine pairing so that you can improve your guests the next time you host a dinner party.


Besides the vast lands of grapes, the landscape is breathtaking. The sunrises and the sunsets around the evergreen mountains bring tranquility to a person.



Cape town, which is a city at the bottom edge of the country and continent is renowned for its natural attractions. One that stands out is Table Mountain. Tourists from all across the world flock to Cape Town in summer so that they can enjoy the splendid views it offers. If you enjoy hiking, like me, you will definitely enjoy it. Lion’s Head trail is one of the best trails to do here since it has a 360 view around the city, the beach as well as the ocean. Individuals who are not used to hikes can also enjoy this trail as it is not lengthy. It has great spots to take amazing pictures for social media. The top of the mountain is also great for dolphin and whale watching. Visitors have to get information from their travel guides on when to come for Whale watching.


Given the chance to visit this magnificent destination, I would use this time to clear my head, be one with nature and recharge as city life can get stressful.


Blyde River Canyon is also a must-see location when in South Africa. The 16,15-Mile-long canyon is the third largest canyon in the world. What makes this canyon stand out from others such as The Grand Canyon and River Canyon is that it is a green canyon. It is surrounded by vast vegetation, a beautiful flowing river, and various animals such as hippos and crocodiles.


This canyon is one of those places that makes all of your worries fade away because of its beauty. The landscape commands your presence and leaves you in awe of what mother nature is capable of doing. I believe that this destination is perfect for people who are soul searching and trying to find the meaning of life. All of the answers are available if we allow ourselves to take a breath and absorb it all in.


National Parks

The ultimate tourist activity is a truly African Safari. I have no doubt that Kruger National Park is the creme de la creme of Safaris. It has a wide array of animals that most of us have only seen on National Geographic or nature magazines. Among them is the mighty big 5 namely Lion, Rhino, Leopard, Buffalo, and Elephant. This name came from the fact that these 5 animals were the most difficult animals to hunt back in the day.


The Kruger National Park is reported to be around 224 miles long, 40 miles long, and 7 722 square miles. An interesting fact about this national park is its size. It is said that it is about the same size as Belgium and Wales. It is also a third of the size of Ireland. This park has vast areas of wildlife that have not been touched or influenced by humans.


Due to the size of the park, most visitors book either 3 or 5-day Safari trips so that they can at least see a decent amount of the park. Observing animals roaming around in the wild with plenty of space is something I believe to be breathtaking. It surpasses any and all expectations built from seeing animals at Zoos.