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Ways to Make Money While Travelling

When traveling, especially on a limited budget, many ideas run through my mind, like managing my limited finances and ways to avoid much spending. About two years ago, I was hanging out with other travelers in a shared Airbnb and we were sharing ideas on how we manage our finances during our travels.

Someone questioned why we should always be scared to spend when there are so many opportunities around us that can help us earn money and have fun at the same time. This got me thinking. Yes, there are so many ways to make money, especially when we are abroad, which can comfortably sustain wanderlust hobbies and make huge savings. The different ways to do this are startling too. One of them is to sell items on the internet. This could be anything from jewelry to electronic devices. There are a number of websites that offer items online.
For starters, you could try Amazon or eBay. If you’re thinking of selling something on eBay, make sure to utilize an eBay fees calculator to figure out how much money you’ll make.

Many people that I know have recently decided to see if making investments in the stock market or in digital currencies like Bitcoin could be worthwhile in helping them to give their financial situation a bit of a boost. Most of them travel like me and would love nothing more to have money to help them do this. And as cryptocurrency is becoming more popular, deciding to mit Paysafecard Bitcoins zu kaufen (buy bitcoins with Paysafecard) doesn’t seem like a bad route to go down. I’ll have to ask my friends to see whether this method would be worth trying if other people need to make some extra money. But that isn’t the only thing that you can do.

I did some research, and the following are things I will definitely try during my future trips.

Writing for Travel Blogs

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to earn money on the road. This will greatly improve my writing skills and give me a vast knowledge of the country I’m traveling to. Some websites pay more than $50 depending on the article’s quality and the number of words you submit, which can be a great addition to my travel budget. In some instances attaching pictures and videos to the articles raises the amount to be paid, which is an added advantage. Often this can involve a lot of downloading and sharing content. When you are traveling it might be advisable to research what is the best vpn for torrenting or downloading as you may not want to download content on open wifi networks, as this could leave you vulnerable to a cyber attack.

Street Performances

This is a great chance of showing the world the skills I’m great at. I love singing and dancing. Finding the right corner of the street and setting up for my performance is something I’m definitely going to give a try. Also, apart from making a few dollars from the audience, who knows, many agents who scout talents might be around, and I might even land a contract with one of the many recording studios. However, I would advise anyone who might want to try this to consult the local authorities to avoid getting in trouble for breaking the rules.


There is a country I visited where the populace is very fluent in English. I spent a lot of time tutoring and I think this would be a great idea to make money. I’m still researching how I can get accredited so I can book teaching lessons in non-English speaking countries. I’m not planning to do this long term, but if things go well, I might even make a career out of it because I really enjoyed teaching English.

Photography And Videography

This is the easiest thing that I have done and is already earning me money. When I’m traveling, I ensure to take pictures of everything and anything I see and love. After taking these pictures, I usually edit and sort them out and later sell them to bloggers and YouTubers. Anyone can do this as long as you have a camera that takes good clear pictures. A good phone camera can also do this. All that is required to get good angles and have some basic editing skills.

Host Airbnb

When traveling a lot of times, I leave my neighbors or family members to look after my house. Recently I learned that I could earn money while I’m away by just renting it out to other travelers visiting the area. However, it’s important always to do a background check and read the terms and conditions of the rental agreement before signing any document. This is for my own safety and the safety of my property.


This will greatly depend on the skills one has. For those people who are great at coding, web development, and content creation, this is a great way of earning money while on the move. All that is required is creating an account or several of them on different freelancing websites like UpWork, Odesk, and Fiverr. These websites have very many jobs that you can handle from wherever you are and still get paid. Although, do not be alarmed if the company that hires them wants to do a background check on you. Many businesses tend to do that using Checkr or similar online tools, not because they have something against you personally, but because it can be quite necessary for them to do so in order to protect their company from potentially risky employees. So, as long as you have a clean record, you’re good to go.

Share Our Cultures

It is possible to make money by educating people about my country and culture in a foreign land I’m visiting. For example, I can make bookings in hotels and educate them on making certain traditional cuisines from my country and even advise them to include the dish in their menus. This will earn me money and I will also leave an impressive mark by sharing something new and profitable with them.