Howdy y’all! Welcome to my little blog, Casa De Rosie! My aim here is to write a little to help those looking to travel once the world recovers from the current Covid crisis, to be hopeful for a future where we can, once again, explore this beautiful planet we live on and find a way to cover as much ground as possible!

My name is Rosie Young, and I’ll be your host for today. I’m a world traveller from Texas, born in Austin and raised all over the place. I’ve not lived anywhere more than two years, and whilst the current situation may mean my current home in the cowboy state may last longer than before, I still intend to make the best of it!

I’ve loved traveling since I was a little girl, where my ma and pa let me come with them as they moved around for their work. The world was my school, and I learned so much from so many countries. We spent a sizable amount of time moving around Spain, and this is a lasting influence on me and my style, but we also lived in Germany, the UK, France, and even a brief stint in Japan! It became something I genuinely love having as part of my life, and hope to continue once the world is calm again.

In my mind, there’s no reason stopping these dreams of travel just because we can’t for now. It’s better to plan ahead, get inspired, and get ready to go as soon as we can! I hope you get just as inspired to see the world from what I write.

Have a good day y’all!